Letters to Myself #6 — Dopamine, What’s your source?

Renan, sorry to tell you, but you became a consumer.

It’s hard to admit it, I do know, but it’s true and scary the fact you don’t even remember the day it started. At this moment, right now, all your body is deadly screaming for you to pick up your phone and start another This is Us’ episode, a new movie or just scroll over your Instagram's feed. What a strong temptation, so easy to give in, right? I’m not just supposing, we have given in fucking many times. And I’m sure that you, right there, reading this letter, are not far from it as well.

In order to improve your writing and go deep down on these projects of yours, during one of your studies you learned that there is a way to figure out what your passion really is (or are, because this story of THE PASSION OF MY LIFE really sounds fare tails). The big secret has just 3 letters and a
syllable, but its meaning is powerful. TRY. Try activities that you never pictured you doing before or never had the courage. Such as Writing, Photography, Social Science!

However, here comes the learning, big dreams come from the creative box, so instead of drinking your dopamine directly from the consumption source, replace it for the creative one.

Surely you will struggle hard to get it because the most important KPI for companies to know if their products and services are good or not, is the amount of dopamine that their products or services make people to release during consuming. As a result, they’re so effective at it, that when you realize it, you will be overwhelmed by dopamine and it may cost all your dreams because you’ll be addicted to this easy source.

As powerful as it sounds, it also takes away your identity, the act of creation, art, and movement that runs in your veins, since forever, but got repressed and undeveloped. In order to figure out your passions, develop your ability of creation, and let it flows and fulfills you.

Having that in mind, bring awareness to some moments of your day and notice if you are either consuming or creating.

Renan Correia




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Renan Correia'

Renan Correia'

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